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Cyanotype on weaved fabric.


Made from a machine learning model know as generative adversarial network (GANs), "deepfakes" are synthetic images, videos and audio recordings of real people. In recent years, deepfakes have been used to create numerous amounts of spoof videos of public figures and politicians, along side thousands of videos of unethical pornography. Deepfakes have the opportunity to be used as a useful tool for creatives and training AI to recognise faces without many of todays privacy concerns. However, as the technology becomes more sophisticated, it coud have a profound impact on the spreading of disinformation and the forming of public opinion, by damaging relationships between countries, influencing elections, and conducting highly effective money-grabbing scams.

Advancements in technologies such as this one can be used to benefit us in many ways, but it all depends on how it is used and who uses it. 

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